What We Do and How We Create Value:

We move perspectives and thinking beyond conventional paradigms. The planet and ecosystems are increasingly more complicated, and the pace of change accelerated. It is possible to harmonize strong opportunity for financial returns while mitigating risk.

We evaluate our client’s intentions, objectives, philosophy, perspective (broad or narrow) while exploring the concomitant opportunity to generate new revenues and create social impact at scale (global).

We create value for our clients with the following:

  • A monthly strategic bulletin that is available to individuals and enterprises.
  • Tailored research by industry, scenarios, geography, etc.
  • ”Table-top” wargaming & simulation.

We Develop…

Inverting Global Challenges & Crisis into Global Opportunities.

Multi-Disciplinary Future Casting and Wargaming


We and are an invite only organization. We keep our profile low, and our signed-up members identities confidential. Our introductions are by personal referral only. We evaluate our client’s intentions, objectives, philosophy, and ability to create social impact at a vast scale (global). Our engagements are extremely sensitive and confidential, before, during and after.

Our Value

We Create Value Through Changing Our Clients Perspective, Creating Insights Otherwise Unavailable and Allowing the Space to Create Decision Options That Allow For:

  • New strategies and approaches.
  • Making new markets before others.
  • Stimulating awareness that would have otherwise not occurred.
  • Determine whether to buy, hold, sell investments that may be close to radical success, mediocrity but safety or imminent failure.
  • Subtle divestiture strategies.
  • Strategic M&A plays to reframe the market.
  • More research required or N/A.

We focus on the unknown, unpleasant, unorthodox, unthinkable, what is truly “game changing” and drives profitable decisions!

The value we are trying to create is disambiguation and creating an unorthodox clarity of perception. We deliver:

  • Making a market or awareness suggested
  • Hold
  • Divest
  • More research required or N/A

Inverting Global Challenges & Crisis into Global Opportunities

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