Wargaming As Defined by SedoGravitas:

“SedoGravitas wargames are high fidelity analytical, decision-making, and behavioral exercises and scenarios wrapped in an intense, immersive environment leveraging special effects developed for film & TV and professional produced and directed.

All our activities are professionally facilitated by experts in decision making, organizational behavior and analytics and recruited for each activity based on domain expertise.

Technology strategy experts facilitate technology “games,” energy experts facilitate energy games, etc. Our scenarios are tailored, bespoke, disruptive, thought provoking and created by global leaders in their respective fields and mapped to the organizations perceived and unseen threats and opportunity. Combined, we create the suspension of disbelief so that scenarios, constructs, and decision making under pressure are explored and simulated.

Technology strategy, decision making under pressure, pre-empting confusing political/military realities, strategic investments, M&A strategy, organizational behavior, regulatory and governmental strategy all benefit from our brand of wargaming and simulation.

The unseen and unanticipated become transparent. The incomprehensible becomes understood and manageable for decision makers. Depending on client requirements for confidentiality, these proceedings may be videotaped, or summarized in writing or video to generate after-action summaries and decision-making sets.

A Note on Wargaming and “Role Playing”

Seminar Simulations:

May be used at a tactical, operational, and strategic level with short, medium, and long-range temporal constructs.

  • The “game” is tailored to either a specific scenario or collection of scenarios.
  • Globally, or a specific geography and / or technology or dependencies in supply chain.
  • By technology, industry, or collection of industries.

Teams assume roles:

      • The client is one team and “role.”
      • Opposing team (red team) is a threat or competition whether technologies, trade, regulation, policy (state, local, federal) political/military, war, pandemic.
      • Judges
  • As boundary-pushing as possible to pull conventional thinking into a different mindset – and hopefully removing the clinging to cognitively consistent neural architectures.
  • 1,2,3 days – sometimes with quarterly, semi-annual, or annual revisits.

Suspension of disbelief is CRITICAL and as such requires talent, technology, and technique that we have organic access to.

Suspension of Disbelief

For wargames to be effective, we must impact emotion, manifest stress and anxiety, and impact biomarkers (heart rate, blood pressure) in a manner that impacts decision making. People must act, react, and interact in ways which are plausible and realistic.

We work to make our games plausible and realistic using the best in special effects and immersion theory derived from film & TV and theme parks. Our immersion, scene setting, and F/X team is comprised of veterans with more than 81 feature films and 7 TV franchises/series.

We integrate this into an unforgettable, immersive experience where decision making is stress evaluated allowing for options, threats, and opportunities to unfold in a realistic manner that is unforgettable and creates “muscle memory” for downstream situations that frequently do happen.

Client specific tailored research:

Clients may engage us in private, tailored research. Pricing is based on scope, duration, complexity of the desired output and access to direct source information.

Monthly intelligence briefings:

A monthly series of short essays that provide unique insights harvested from high value-added leaders in dynamic spaces spanning security, defense, healthcare, finance, energy, space, cyber and “never events” that lead to summaries and decision options for leaders.

How we engage and value:

  • Wargames require a deep understanding of the client’s business strategy, decision making processes, organizational behavior, and threats internal and external to success.
  • We keep our profile low and our scope of resources confidential.
  • We evaluate our client’s intentions, objectives, philosophy, and behavior.
  • Our engagements are sensitive and confidential, before, during and after.
  • We assist our clients in structuring strategies and models that will also generate strong returns financially, protect existing assets while protecting assets.
  • Wargame costs are contingent upon subject, duration, desired output, participants, lodging, and other bespoke requirements, security, aviation and transportation, A/V, pre and post video/ audio production, recreation, meal, and entertainment preferences.
  • We provide end-to-end security: physical, electronic, and other techniques to mitigate “leakage” of sensitive data, location, participants.

Inverting Global Challenges & Crisis into Global Opportunities

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